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The Artist Known as Night Soil from the Demon Hole

Lewis Ayton


Alexander Blake Schwarzenbach's 1967 Catastrophe

Poetry, art, droid-anxiety, news events reimagined in the form of hastily constructed cardboard art installations on living-room floors, spiral-bound sketchbooks filled with paintings and an enigmatic journalist alter-ego issuing scrambled reports on the ongoing disaster that is the US. A bizarre blog where personal weirdness mixes with fiercely intelligent, funny and moving writing. I find myself always rereading this post.

Public Noise, Private Noise

Blog of musician Jason Noble, collecting published articles + interviews and asides.

Gurney Journey

James Gurney shares his curiousity and love of painting with unparalleled generosity. His daily blog is always interesting - I have been following for years.


Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

An anti-adventure that's as real as real life.

Frog Detective

It's all there in the name really.

Osteotic Bypass

Death is not the end...



Free/libre, open source chess server. Right now I'm hooked on playing Fischer Random (Chess960 variant). Email me if you want to play a correspondence game. I know zero chess theory but I love to play.

Ukiyo-e Japanese Woodblock Print Search

Huge database of ukiyo-e prints. I spend hours on here digging through collections. I only wish there was contextual info about the prints/artists.


Interesting and really accessible articles on anthropology related to contemporary events and research.


Distributer of seditious and subversive pamphlets and news. Too HOT for Facebook!