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The Artist Known as Night Soil from the Demon Hole

Lewis Ayton


Alexander Blake Schwarzenbach's 1967 Catastrophe

Poetry, art, droid-anxiety, news events reimagined in the form of hastily constructed cardboard art installations on living-room floors, spiral-bound sketchbooks filled with paintings and an enigmatic journalist alter-ego issuing scrambled reports on the ongoing disaster that is the US. A bizarre blog where personal weirdness mixes with fiercely intelligent, funny and moving writing. I find myself always rereading this post.

Public Noise, Private Noise

Blog of musician Jason Noble, collecting published articles + interviews and asides.

Gurney Journey

James Gurney shares his curiousity and love of painting with unparalleled generosity. His daily blog is always interesting - I have been following for years.


System Shock:EE

Simply the coolest game ever made. You play as a hacker co-opted into deactivating a corporate space station overrun by mutants and droids controlled by a rogue AI. Has everything I love: a thumping industrial style midi soundtrack, 2D sprites in a 3D environment and a UI filled with so many cyborg modifications, gadgets and panels that it occupies 50% of your vision at any one time.

Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

An anti-adventure that's as real as real life.

Frog Detective

It's all there in the name really.

Osteotic Bypass

Death is not the end...


Excavating AI

The Politics of Images in Machine Learning Training Sets

A Short History of Enclosure in Britain

A fascinating description of the way that commonly held agricultural land was forcibly transformed into private 'property' in Britain. This is a subject I had really never really thought too much on previously and I felt like I had my thinking considerably broadened by reading this history.

Time, Work and Industrial Capitalism

Another illusion shatterer, this time a critical evaluation of the change in people's attitude towards work and time brought about by the development of industrial capitalism. Absolutely changed the way I conceive of my own "free time", and my attitude towards work. All of these articles are best read at work if you can get away with it.

Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation

Silvia Federici's Marxist-Feminist writing on the intertwined history of the European witch trials, Early Modern colonialism, New World slavery and industrial capitalism contextualises these historical phenomena in a way that realistically and coherently explains these unimaginably horrific events. Caliban and the Witch lays out the how and why of the deeply entrenched (and deliberately constructed) prejudices that continue to haunt our world. The footnotes are packed with interesting references and extra reading. Can't recommend this one enough

L.P.D.: Libertarian Police Department

"I was shooting heroin and reading “The Fountainhead” in the front seat of my privately owned police cruiser when a call came in. I put a quarter in the radio to activate it. It was the chief..."

George Orwell Essays

A collection of Orwell's continually relevant essays in English and Russian. My favourites so far are Notes on Nationalism, Politics and the English Language and The Prevention of Literature.



High resolution, downloadable, public domain images of artworks. Really good selection of 19th century naturalism, realism etc. Kind of like Google Cultural Institute but without the creepy surveillance capitalism.


Free/libre, open source chess server. Right now I'm hooked on playing Fischer Random (Chess960 variant). Email me if you want to play a correspondence game. I'm not really informed on chess theory but I love to play.

Ukiyo-e Japanese Woodblock Print Search

Huge database of ukiyo-e prints. I spend hours on here digging through collections. I only wish there was contextual info about the prints/artists.


Interesting and really accessible articles on anthropology related to contemporary events and research.


Distributer of seditious and subversive pamphlets and news. I also like their podcast, The Ex-Worker.

AudioBook Bay

Not as well known as it ought to be. Point your VPN to Germany if you are having trouble connecting.